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Bruker TopSpin Processing License

Part No.: H9966P3
The TopSpin Processing License is a special low-priced software license which you may use in addition on other computers. You can buy it only through vouchers received from your local Bruker Sales representative and is normally part of a complete sales package.
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Bruker TopSpin Processing License

The TopSpin Processing License is a personal license which may only be used by the vendee. This license is an add on to complete NMR sales packages for additional computers and can only be bought by customers, having received vouchers from Bruker for this license.

The License expires three years after the license was issued. TopSpin can no longer be started after this time. In all other cases you can order a standard TopSpin license or bulk licenses with a discount. Please contact your local Bruker representative.1)

TopSpin Processing License Features
Data processing of 1D and higher dimensional NMR datasets including Fourier transform, window functions, baseline and phase correction, peak picking, integration, line shape analysis (Gauss/Lorentz, dynamic NMR, solids), relaxation and multiplet analysis, spectrum and Fid simulation, printing/plotting, quantification, AU/Python/Macro programming. Optionally NUS processing and small molecule structure elucidation (demo licenses available).

Supported operating systems
TopSpin can be run under Windows (7, XP, VISTA), Linux (Red Hat WS 4, CentOS 5) and Mac OS X (10.6.0 or later). For Mac systems the CPU must be capable of executing 64bit-instructions according to “Intel Core 2 Duo” processor type or newer. “Intel Core Duo” as used until 2007 is not working. Other Linux distributions, Windows XP Home and Windows Vista Home might also work but are not supported by Bruker BioSpin. For more details please check the TopSpin product page.

License Type
The License is a node locked license, i.e. the license will only work on the single computer for which the license was issued. A node locked uncounted license cannot be used in a Windows Terminal Services session. Mixing such a license with other TopSpin licenses may not work. The license is generated for the Host ID of this computer. The Host ID is a 12-digit number which can be obtained as follows.

Windows: Open a command prompt and enter: ipconfig /all. Take the displayed "Physical Address". If ipconfig prints more than one, use the address that belongs to a cable-based Ethernet adapter. Do not select a WLAN or Bluetooth adapter. Read the adapter's description above the address carefully if in doubt.

Red Hat Linux: Open a shell and enter: /sbin/ifconfig eth0. Take the digits of the "HWaddr".

Mac OS X: Open a shell and enter: /sbin/ifconfig en0. Take the digits of the "ether".

Hardware Change
License transfer to a different PC is not possible. In case of a new computer (Ethernet card) a new student license or one of the standard TopSpin licenses is required.1)

TopSpin Version
A Student License is created for the latest major TopSpin version and cannot be upgraded. However, new minor versions or patches can be downloaded and will work with the license. If a new major TopSpin version is released and you want to use it, you need a new student license or one of the standard TopSpin licenses.1)

Purchasing a Processing License
A License can be purchased from Bruker's WEB  with voucher codes received from you Bruker sales representative, in most cases this is a part of sales package. The Host ID and the customer's email address must be entered. The license file will be sent to this email address along with the WEB link to download TopSpin. The License does not include a TopSpin DVD.

1) To order a standard TopSpin license please contact your local Bruker representative. How to contact Bruker can be found here: Contacts.